Armand Joubert’s latest EP, Left With A Broken Heart, is an ode to the soul of ’90s R&B love songs

Armand Joubert is a dark horse of the SA music scene, holding five number one radio hits over the past two years, and an insane five-octave vocal range that is utterly and uncompromisingly his own. 

His second full length album Flamboyant came out last year, and, true to the title, was flamboyantly pop, showcasing a bold creative voice that imbued every inch of the record. And just a few months later, he’s back, this time with R&B EP Left With A Broken Heart.

To sum it up as simply as possible, it’s a five-track slap of Joubert’s fearless attitude, taking the sounds and instruments right back to the ’90’s era of soulful, heart breaking bangers. 

“Tell Me Now” brings a sense of nostalgic groove –  a yearning for a kind of generation BOP sound – while “Unfold”, the EP’s centrepiece in many ways, is a refreshing love song filled with modern pop innuendos, melody runs, and of course, that belter of a voice we’ve come to adore. All in all, it’s a brilliantly tight offering by Joubert, made for the radios of both yesterday and today.