De Wallen release “Loveless” in the wake of their third album release tomorrow

Just like so many musicians around the world, De Wallen’s plan to release their third album, Street Fight Sonata, was put on pause when lockdown in South Africa came into full effect last year March.

But their resilience and determination to stay the course weathered line-up changes, a desperate lack of funding, ever-changing work schedules and creative differences to end up on the precipice of their third album release.

The first single “Loveless” flexes a new line-up that boasts Pieter Bekker (rhythm guitar), Jeandre Swanepoel (vocals), Adriaan Jordaan (drums), Emile Martiz (lead guitar) and Rudolph Heinen (bass) and is as dirty and rollicking a song as we’ve come to expect from the group.

Jeandre Swanepoel’s gruff vocals touch on the very cornerstone of this type of lawless rock ‘n’ roll, with as much reckless abandon as his lyrics promise.

It’s a great way to set the scene for tomorrow’s release. You best believe we’re waiting.