Die Ek bravely tackle the duality of man in the video for their self-titled single “Die Ek”

Barring a couple of stilted moments, Die Ek’s video for their self-titled single makes itself comfortable in the fragmented, fever-dream the band creates.

Born out of the seemingly inherent duality that exists throughout human-kind, the progressive Afrikaans rock band’s latest single explores the often self-destructive dialogue that happens between our carnal and rational selves – the often schizophrenic nature of that conversation emphasized by a composition dripping in duality and unpredictability.

Brought to life by the good people at Tiger & Lilly Productions, the video is all but a masterpiece. As front-man Riaan le Roux squares up to the antagonizing voice in his head, personified by his brother Allan, the erratic and distorted aesthetic drives home the idea that this is all happening in a dream.

The fight scenes are where things fall apart a bit. As Riaan and Allan come to blows without ever actually landing a punch, because that’s just the way dreams work, their performances come across as a touch too choreographed. Admittedly that’s not too far-fetched considering the nature of sleepy-time hallucinations but it does, ultimately, detract from the production as a whole.

Overall, though, that isn’t enough to lessen the punch of a video that ebbs and flows with the erraticism of the song, and pulls you in with an abundance of suspense and intrigue that makes it all but impossible to tear your eyes away from the screen.