FLØRIS debut video “Guns For Hire” is a funk-infused slickly-choreographed certified banger

I’m going to head out on a limb here and say that FLØRIS’ debut video is one of the best releases to surface this year so far. His is the sort of deft modern disco-funk sound lifted straight outta the ’60’s and fitted neatly into his own contemporary niche. 

He’s from the Mother City, riding his very own sonic line of what I can only imagine to be soon-to-be success, and “Guns For Hire” is here to put him firmly on the map – and to kick off the year with a bang he teamed up with art·hub Productions to produce the boogie-inducing banger of a video. 

Thematically the single revolves around the concept of creativity exploitation, juxtaposing the metaphorical mercenary – aka “gun for fire” – and the struggles of the creative in their chosen scene. The overriding narrative here is of realisation and coming to terms with the exploitation of creativity for a cause which was never the founding belief. Complex, I know, yet resoundingly relevant in every creative sphere. 

It’s pivoted off a driving bass line and funk-infused beat. FLØRIS’s rich vocalism tallies up to counter the even-feeled rhythm of the track. The video, directed by Felix Koelble and shot by Alexandre Ortscheit, keeps things beat-relevant with a polished demonstration of a spontaneous dance-off with your dance nemesis. Caylum Hughes and Dre Autumn cut shapes through De Waterkant, tilted and constantly moving video styles keeping motion the centerpoint of the visual. 

It’s pivotal, polished, and endlessly groovy. FLØRIS is here to stay, watch this space closely.