Monstroid almost strike gold with their latest album, Set 2: Burnt Sky

Following on from where 2017’s Set 1 left off, Monstroid’s Set 2: Burnt Sky sees the stoner rock outfit doubling down on an immense sound characterised by drop-tunings, uncomplicated lyrics, and more fuzz than a hungover brain trying to gather its bearings.

The party gets off to a strong start with the instrumental “Hyper Fuzz” which is focussed and controlled in its structure, but still has chaos running through its veins as it unhurriedly gives way to “Take Me”, where we get our first taste of Wayne Hendrikz’ vocals.

With the frenzied nature of Monstroid’s sound one would expect something out of the ordinary from the band’s frontman, but Hendrikz’ vocal is predictable. The lyrics also evoke tired imagery like black hearts, wolves, and whiskey bottles which essentially gives the listener very little to unpack.

Although, in fairness, there is one song that stands head and shoulders above the rest and that’s “Shadow Beast”. The megalithic track sees Hendrikz come into his own as a storyteller as his delivery helps the instruments around build the kind of suspense and excitement one wants from a battle between good and evil.

At its core Set 2: Burnt Sky is a pretty impressive album and shows that, with a little bit of work in the songwriting department, Monstroid could be bastions of our rock scene.