Oooth reinforce their identity with their latest album, Nothing’s Gonna Change

Oooth’s latest album Nothing’s Gonna Change drips in pop-punk nostalgia while also helping solidify the band’s identity.

On paper there shouldn’t be anything overly unique or special about Oooth. Their ever-growing catalogue is defined by simple but catchy song structures and compositions while their lyrics seldom stray into the world of over-complicated metaphor.

And yet, listening to Nothing’s Gonna Change, I can’t help but become absorbed into the music. For starters anyone who grew up in the hey-day of pop-punk will feel right at home as the songs follow a predictable but comforting formula that harks back to simpler days of reckless and carefree fun.

It’s in Jason Oosthuizen’s vocals, though, where the magic lies, even though they have the tendency to get a bit whiney at times. In songs like “Your Lies,” which comes with a frenetic live video that’s worth watching, and the earnest reality-check that is “Get Up” it feels like Oosthuizen’s words are filled with more subtext and emotion than they initially let on.

At first it may seem like Oooth are nothing more than another nostalgia-driven rock band but if you really pay attention to what’s going on in Nothing’s Gonna Change you’ll realise that there’s a whole lot more happening under the surface.