Pyjama Planet’s newest track and video “Storm The Gates” is made especially for lovers of hardcore rock

Mark Pyjama, Gareth Lloyd and Luke Otto form the face of Pyjama Planet – a blistering, hardcore instrumental rock group who’s spirit lends itself to symphonic compositions, a maxim for battle. 

Their latest track and video “Storm The Gates”, taken from their upcoming album Madjenta, wastes no time getting to the point – opening with a range of heavy prog-riffs, non-stop drums and all-round guitar shredding, Pyjama Planet bring a grandiose power to their music that is unrelenting. 

Directed by Calvin De Swart and Mark Pyjama himself, the video is as wild, picturing Pyjama, Lloyd and Otto in a state of perpetual head-banging, losing their minds to their instruments all the while dressed in, what seem to be, pretty comfortable pj’s. 

It’s a funny contrast that you’ve gotta see for yourself, and while “Storm The Gates” may err on the side of dynamics, Pyjama Planet’s relentless energy is worth seeing.