RxSolo tells a modern day story of psychedelic lust turned love on D.Love III: Escape Into Love

RxSolo is a rapper, singer, producer, and engineer obsessed with using his music to paint vivid pictures and create long lasting imagery. His latest project is a concept album following one man’s deep journey into love and lust. The production is immaculate throughout, ranging from a unique and jazzy R&B sound to gorgeous experimental electronica.

The arrangement of the project makes for an incredibly smooth listen with Opening Credits and Ending Credits on either side of an album made to feel like a movie. Harmonizing vocals, intoxicating flow, and hard bars are evident throughout the project, and the artist never loses sight of the story being told.

D.Love III navigates melancholic introspection, drunk confidence, lingering desire, and everything else that comes with the exquisitely difficult process of falling in love. The album feels like a hallucinogenic dream moving from anxiety-induced panic to calming self-reflection. With production that pushes boundaries, vocal layering that works to perfection, and some exceptional writing, the album sounds really damn good.

RxSolo even went as far as giving D.Love III his own interview tour, featuring an adaption of some modern day legends, in this case known as Brick Brubin, Laudwuar and N.O.R.I.E. You can check it out on YouTube.

The project is produced, mixed, and mastered by RxSolo himself under the pseudonym owhl_by_myslf, with additional production from Daev Martian and features from Sanele Blaai, Chenoa Nwokedi, Deem Spencer, AquaKultre.

As D.Love III would say, “It’s D:Love III baby, holla at ya boi.”