Swazi electro-soul artist Apple Gule’s latest single “Move” will make you do just that

Swaziland-born, Joburg-hailing Apple Gule bends genres into shapes made to make you move – and no, it’s no coincidence his latest single comes with the selfsame title. “Move” is bred for the dance floor and if it doesn’t creep into your toes in the first 30 seconds you’re missing out.

He’s a pop artist, a soul singer, and an EDM producer rolled into one. Slick beats meet pitching falsetto vocals and combust. Apple Gule’s out here navigating his mid-twenties with the sort of zest and ambition which pits him effortlessly against his contemporaries. 

Lifted off his upcoming EP Sour, which is due to hit the airwaves in just a couple of weeks, “Move” is inspired simply by a good, good day – you know the kind – the sort of day which makes you want to move.

At first glance it’s just another dance track, but take a closer look and you’ll find it’s in Gule’s warm, lilting vocals that the real talent lies – and he finds plenty of space to flex them in between the driving percussive funk-beat of a foundation. 

His is a new-school take on a timeless funk style, bent to his will with decidedly modern EDM elements built to last. He’s here to make you groove, and he’s climbing that ladder fast.