Tiny Tattoo Sessions S1 E6 features electro-soul songstress PURE who chats what it means to be a black queer artist in South Africa

PURE is an ever-evolving multi-disciplinary artist, mother, creator, afro-futurist and performer on a mission to move and groove you with her unique blend of electro-soul.

Legendary tattoo artist and Tiny Tattoo Sessions host, Manuela Gray gets PURE in her chair and on the spot as she chats what it means to be a queer black artist in 21st-century South Africa and gets some fresh new ink.

PURE also performs two original compositions: “Get Out”, a track that sees her stepping into her feminine power and settling deeper into her melanin, and “Sleep Paralysis”, a comment on being trapped in a stifling romance, both performances with Inka Kendzia projecting electric visuals and really making the performance pop. Fuelled by our faves at Fokof Lager, Tiny Tattoo Sessions has also launched their podcast, where you can stream full-length episodes, available on all major streaming platforms.

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All photos courtesy of Michael Ellis.