Alice Phoebe Lou’s third album, Glow, is daring and charged by bold, old-school instrumentation

Alice Phoebe Lou’s Glow is a beautiful mesh of soft, warm chords and angelic vocals, by an artist who isn’t afraid to go at things alone in the music industry. 

She’s built her career from the ground up, having established a global following of seriously devout fans after rising to fame as a busker on the streets of Berlin. And what’s more, she’s done it all without the help of labels or tour managers. Liberty is the strongest weapon at her disposal, and she lets us know with ease on Glow, using old-school vocoders and vintage synthesizers like they never went out of style. 

In fact, the thing that sets Glow apart most from her previous records is the bold instrumentation – strangely modern yet charmingly antique, her tingling keys and washed out strings give this record a dynamic edge that few artists achieve so well nowadays. 

Opener “Only When I” is a romantic confession of giving in to desire, sung sweetly-sad in the way Alice has always done so, so well, while “Heavy // Light as Air” and “Mother’s Eyes” hark back to the naïve beauty of her earlier appeal. 

Yet standout track “Dusk” does all this whilst simultaneously retaining the most delicate parts of her sound, making for an offering that’s excellently balanced, both daring and reserved.