Cece Vee’s “Wild Hearts” is a modern-day pop anthem that celebrates living without limitations

Following her debut single “Dysfunctional”, Cece Vee continues to develop her recently refreshed approach to music with latest release “Wild Hearts”. While “Dysfunctional” set an edgier tone for Cece Vee, she explores her sound without limiting herself to a singular style in “Wild Hearts”.

Maintaining an electro-pop production, “Wild Hearts” is layered with funky guitar riffs, uplifting licks and electro elements. But it’s the four-chord bass riff woven with Cece’s seductive, reverberating vocal harmonies that makes this track as catchy as it is, particularly when it takes a voluptuous electro turn in the chorus.

Lyrically and sonically “Wild Hearts” has a sense of youthful freedom, pointing us towards a more hopeful take on life’s challenges. It has a nostalgic approach to the melody that feels somehow awfully familiar, yet fresh.

The video follows Cece and her girl gang as they hitch on a dirt road towards an unknown destination. The visuals don’t quite match up and the animated transitions overwhelm slightly, but its nostalgic lens captures the emotional essence of the song – dream big, be fearless and embrace positivity to forge your own path in the world.