House music doyenne Holly Rey is back with a jiving jol of a video for “Spend My Time”

Come to think of it, there’s nothing quite like a Holly Rey track to get your grooving, and when it comes along with a set of kick-ass visuals to boot, it does the job even better. 

Rey is an inexplicable tour de force in her own right – being the first female in 20 years to scoop the SAMA Record of the Year in 2019, and going on to certify platinum recently – and she keeps the proverbial ball rolling fast with the release of “Spend My Time”. 

Self-directed and self-produced, the accompanying video is a neon-lit jiving jol of a visual to back up the Afro-pop continuum she favours. A pillowy beat holds down the foundation of the track, hinged on catchy, dream-soaked vocals. A jangling undertone lends the whole thing a distinctly neo-African edge, while the love-centric lyricism keeps it cute. 

Shot on the iconic rooftop of the Durban Musgrave Center, Jimmy Reynolds took to the cinematographer’s seat to bring to life neon-lit shots of Rey belting out the track between a pair of back-up girls who keep things real with some slick choreography, sandwiched between daytime roller skate rooftop shenanigans. 

It’s slick, snappy and effortlessly Rey.