Jesse Clegg is serving up your daily dose of inspiration in his latest video for “Speed of Light”

The prodigal Jesse Clegg is back with his brand-new single “Speed of Light” – along with an almost overwhelmingly inspiring music video. Shot in Cape Town and directed by Garth Von Glehn, the video is a testament to the power of perseverance and a wonderfully shot nod to never giving up.

For the duration of the video, we are treated to some beautiful, yet understated, cinematography as we follow on the heels of runner Chelsea-Sloan Samuels. Switching between intimate footage at home to powerful running shots, we watch as she overcomes the hardships life throws at her. A beacon of light, Samuels is nothing short of awe-inspiring as she runs through the city with that single-minded determination. Interspersed with this, is juxtaposing footage of Clegg singing, cutting an impressively Rockstar-esque figure complete with the classic combo of flashing lights and a standing mic.

The song itself is gorgeously anthemic – a soft rock/pop hybrid that is achingly upbeat from the get go. The synth-heavy trappings of a pop masterpiece and an emphatic drumline are meticulously combined with Clegg’s refreshingly mellifluous vocals to create a sound that’s both dynamic and stirring – with a wonderfully punchy chorus to boot. 

It’s punchy and, at times, painfully upbeat but to be quite honest, it’s what we all need.