Kid Fonque joins forces with UK producer Jonny Miller for Connected, a neo-Afro electronic tour de force

Connected is the operative word here really. When high-flying local DJ Kid Fonque teamed up with UK heavyweight Jonny Miller again, they churned out a collaborative force of an album, built over the trans-continental divide most international team-players are working within these days. 

You’d hardly guess it, though. Connected, which serves as just that: a connecting thread between the UK and South African electronic scene, is fresh, sharp and expertly produced. Navigating a melting-pot of influences across the board, it’s the African integration which really elevates the album beyond just another deep-house number. 

Roping in the hands and voices of ASAP Shembe, Fernando & Khensy, Toshi, China Charmeleon, and our girl Sio, a consistent neo-Afro undercurrent persists throughout the – admittedly slightly overlong – extent of the album. 

Spoken word and conversational snippets intercept the driving lo-fi synth beats. ASAP Shembe drops some truths in both “Connected Beings (Intro)” and the groove-heavy hip hop tendencies of “Amaphela”. Things get a little traditional beneath the surface of “Jaded”, while Toshi’s earthy vocals ground the heaving, detached beat which dominates “Sarhalel”. 

Straddling the knife-sharp line between modern tech and traditional African cadence, Kid Fonque and Jonny Miller position themselves as sonic powerhouses in their own right, and make Connected a must-stream this week.