Moonchild Sanelly and Morena Leraba feature on Major Lazer’s “Music Is The Weapon (Reloaded)”

We all know Major Lazer are obsessed with Africa and rightfully so. I mean, the best song they ever wrote was a meeting of the creative minds of some of our continent’s best.

Last week they dropped Music Is The Weapon (Reloaded), that features an additional four new tracks, with “Hands Up” featuring South African performer Moonchild Sanelly and Lesotho-based artist Morena Leraba.

It’s a huge feat because Major Lazer has a great ear and a knack for creating songs that pay homage to a particular genre or culture without it seeming like they’re appropriating anything. That’s the magic of Major Lazer.

Moonchild is no stranger to international collaboration at the highest level, working with Damon Albarn and the artist on the planet with the most Grammys to her name – Beyoncé. Moonchild’s timbre is unmistakable and she shines on this, but when Morena is introduced halfway, it gives this dance floor-rooted track a traditional, almost spiritual-like quality that cuts the harshness of the beat.