Moonga K. teams up with PHFAT for a sly afrofuturistic hip-hop anthem, “who’s it gonna be?”

At the risk of repeating myself, I’d like to attest to the fact that Moonga K. is a grossly underrated powerhouse in our industry and it’s only a matter of time before he’ll be kicking the whole scene into a new gear. 

Starting off March with a bang, today he drops a darkly fiery Afrofuturistic video for his single “who’s it gonna be?”. Featuring the knife-sharp broody musings of PHFAT, the track is the product of one too many reflections on the toxicity of unrequited love. Produced by Greg Abrahams, the song is darkly languid – watery synth sliding over a hollow percussive backbone beat. Moonga K. flexes his falsettos in the chorus lines, while PHFAT drops some half-explicit truths in the second verse. 

The video, directed by Paul Ward takes a cold dark look at the theme in question and twists it into the African sci-fi cinematic universe that is the crunching mind of one who has given too much of themselves into an imbalanced relationship. Shadowy and subdued, unsettling and boldly striking. Moonga K. traverses the lost versions of himself, bringing them back home to himself. 

“who’s it gonna be?” is remarkably candid, expertly produced, but most importantly it is harrowingly and stunningly brought to life.