ØCEANS & Emma van Heyn’s video for “Parallel Babe” is a banger that may just make your skin crawl

At first glance ØCEANS and Emma van Heyn’s “Parallel Babe” is just another EDM banger – fresh, beat-heavy and bred to make you move. Then comes the visual and turns the entirety of the track on its head. Well, not quite. There is enough of an underlying unsettling temperament to the track as a whole which slyly alerts you otherwise.

The Cape Town hailing twosome joined forces after ØCEANS discovered van Heyn on Instagram and the collaboration blossomed across borders as van Heyn penned lyrics from a hotel room in Shanghai. When she got back to home turf, they brought renowned videographer Allister Christie on board to shoot the shots and the result is a delightfully unsettling visual, honing in on all the darker corners of the track.  

“I wanted to explore the psyche and narrative of playing the role of the ‘untouchable’ or the ‘product of desire’ – that being the Parallel Babe. Even if it is against her own will,” explains Emma. Taking her concept to new heights, the video is a pastel-hued narrative of your unconventional murder scene. Go see for yourself. 

It’s as unexpected as it is unsettling, lending the track a brand new level of depth and equidistant zest.