Oooth’s video for “Departures” is a frantic depiction of the madness of feeling trapped

Oooth fight against the suffocation of entrapment in the video for their latest single “Departures”.

The latest single from the band’s most recent album Nothing’s Gonna Change, the track is filled with the same punchy, no-nonsense composition and to-the-point lyricism that Oooth have built their brand on over the last couple of years.

The unrelenting, frenetic energy of the instruments around him gives Jason Oosthuizen the space and the impetus to vent his frustrations about feeling trapped in a world with so much to see and so much to offer. In turn, the frantic nature of the song offers the perfect foundation for the video to come into its own.

That’s matched by a video with very few static shots; one that ramps up the feeling of frustrated claustrophobia and borderline madness. It’s the shots where Oosthuizen convulses in a chair with major psychiatric-patient energy that the nuances of “Departures” come into their own.

It’s a manic manifestation of the frustration and claustrophobia that comes with being stuck in one place for too long, something I think just about all of us can relate to at the moment.