Sarah McArthur’s EP, Hard To Be Happy”, takes a candid look at motherhood

Cape Town-hailing singer and songwriter Sarah McArthur’s second EP titled “Hard to be Happy” is a deeply personal seven track offering, sure to resonate with anyone who has struggled with finding themselves in the tumultuousness of new motherhood.

With unashamedly candid lyricism and a cynical-yet-sunny disposition, McArthur explores the ups and downs of being a mom, while her honeyed vocals lend an introspective earnestness to every word she sings. Set to a decidedly folk-esque, guitar-driven backdrop of melancholic violin and plucky chords, the EP progresses slowly and surely, at times straying into monotony. In the titular track, we see McArthur team up with Jon Shaban, who injects some frivolous energy into the song which, despite its name, manages to be the most upbeat track the EP has to offer. 

And while as a whole it falls just short, relying a little heavily on simple chords and repetitive melodies, Hard To Be Happy is undoubtedly heartfelt, deeply personal, and will strike a chord with most.