Silver Rigbie opens a candid window into drug addiction through a nu-disco lens in his EP, Bleak Electric

Former We Are Charlie bassist, now Cape Town hailing singer-songwriter, Silver Rigbie is channeling his own creative freedom these days and his debut EP Bleak Electric, which comes about year after he began paving his own music path forward, comes as a fine tuned and deftly unique introduction to the guy. 

His journey with genre is wayward and non-conforming. His sound meanders from nu-disco to electro-rock, and right round to wholesome indie pop when he’s in the mood. Beneath its funk-infused, energy-fuelled exterior, the EP gets real on Rigbie’s struggle surrounding drug addiction. 

Co-produced by Calvin Kuit, Bleak Electric is just that – a softly nostalgic, driving electro offering, bite-sized and forthright.  “Dopaquel Dreams” is an ode to a sleeping tablet addiction, laced in rock vocals (“Every time you leave it’s fucking freezing”) and grating EDM-style drops and lifts. 

“Disco Depression” in turn favours a floaty, synth-laden ’80’s tangent, emboldened by a solidified back beat which lends a glossy, playful overcoat to the withdrawal-laden context behind it. And then “Strip State Of Mind” wraps things up with a sneaky indie-pop injection, which is as dark and moody as it is groove-laden – so don’t be fooled. Bleak Electric sees Rigbie paradoxical and deeply vulnerable in equal measure.