Take a trip through Bloemfontein central in Fay Lamour’s glam-vintage video for “Free State of Mind”

It’s certainly not the most frequently featured city when it comes to aesthetic music videos, but there’s no denying Bloemfontein has charm – particularly when brought to life in black and white in Fay Lamour’s latest music video. 

“Free State of Mind” is a tribute song to Lamour’s hometown: a dreamy, lilting indie-jazz conglomerate of contemporary sound, characteristic of her 1920’s stylings moving forward a little closer to the modern era. 

She keeps things expectedly classic when it comes to the accompanying video though. Directed by Ralf Swart and Pieter Swart of Four Forty Films, it’s a juxtaposition of an artfully framed exploration of Bloemfontein and sleek, bougee Lamour owning the streets. 

And where the track may err in the scope of mild monotony, and the tendency for the silvery melody-line to drown out Lamour’s equally silvery vocals, it makes up for it in simple sweetness and an irresistible sway. 

Lamour has always been one to cut the classiest figure to tally right up to her archetypal niche, and she does it again. Bejeweled chokers, elegant cigarillos, and gleaming Mercedes’ to boot.