The Tazers come back hot with their latest single and video “Go Away”

The Tazers’ “Go Away” is exactly the kind of energy we need right now to shake us out of the pandemic blues. It hooks us with an electric sound – a solid riff carried by rapid drum beat and enough fierce guitar solos keep us thoroughly awake and bobbing our heads.

Following The Tazers’ previous release, it serves as the second single from forthcoming album Dream Machine, maintaining a significantly faster pace than previous work.  An energetic exploration of their sonic style, it echoes a similar momentum to that of “Golden Girl” or “Service Delivery”.  Jethro Lock’s vocals carry us effortlessly along from the chorus into loose guitar solos. The track oozes some steady stoner tones towards the end.

Lyrically the track is a celebration of moving on, but it’s also rather sassy and frank assertion. Lyrics are snappy and delivered with a groovy, fuzzy howl. 

The DIY video is performance-based. Member’s outfits mimic a blank backdrop and together become a canvas for psychedelic light projections and visual twists – a neon-toned kaleidoscope of imagery that we can just grasp before it slips away. Sound and visuals are raw, maintaining a live feel. It recalls bittersweet memories of sweaty mosh pits and the reverberation of sound buzzing through your center.

“Go Away” soaks up every bit of garage rockin’ goodness and reminds us that dancing used to be a thing.