#TuneCoreTips: How to get your music onto streaming services

In our ever-evolving digital world it’s important to keep up with the pace, and for our favourite independent musician, that means educating yourself about streaming services and digital distribution services like TuneCore and then making use of them.

I’ve seen so many indie musos become unnecessarily confused by streaming services and I get a least 20 questions a day asking for help. How do I get my music onto streaming services? How long before the release date should I upload my music? Why can I not upload my cover artwork??

There are so many questions and not a lot of resources, which is why I’m very excited to tell you that TATC has partnered with TuneCore in order to make your life a bit easier, and equip you, our favourite independent musician, with the tools you need to make informed decisions when it comes to the roll-out of your next release.

So if you have an album, EP or single that you’re planning on dropping in 2021, below are the most important points you need to take note of when it comes to uploading your music to TuneCore.

Use TuneCore to distribute your music to ALL streaming and download services:

  • If you made and sold beer for a living you wouldn’t only sell your beer at one bar, you’d make sure it was stocked at every single bar in every single city. The same goes for your music. Don’t just put it on Spotify, put it on Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube Music, Pandora… you’re getting the picture here. This is because you don’t know what platform your audience is consuming their music on, so your music should be everywhere in order for them to choose
  • If your music is everywhere that makes it much easier for a worldwide audience to discover it. You might not be able to travel and tour anywhere internationally right now, but that doesn’t mean your music can’t do the travelling and touring for you
  • TuneCore makes it super easy to do this, distributing to all major digital and download stores worldwide and charging a low-cost subscription fee and letting you keep 100% of your profits, and no I’m not lying, I’m being 100% serious. Just ask TuneCore indie artists Spoegwolf whose latest album recently went #1 on Apple Music.

So now you’ve signed up for TuneCore and you’re getting ready to upload your release. Below are the important points to take into consideration to ensure a smooth upload. Trust me, you don’t want Apple Music rejecting your release because you uploaded the wrong formatted cover art, and throwing your entire release schedule off.

Lead Time:

  • You want to make sure that you’re uploading your release a minimum for 4 weeks before your release date
  • This is to make sure it’s properly delivered to all stores and not just a few, because delivery time varies between stores
  • This also gives you enough time to market and promote your release ahead of time so that people know it’s coming and they can get hyped

Cover Art:

  • You need to make sure that your cover art is a JPG or GIF
  • That it’s a perfect square
  • With an aspect ratio at least 1600 x 1600 pixels in size
  • Be sure the image is clear and not blurry or pixelated
  • Be sure it does NOT include email addresses, URLS, contact info, social media handles, or prices
  • Be sure it does NOT include names of digital stores or their logos

Audio Files:

  • All audio files need to be 16 bit (sample size), 44.1 kHz (sample rate) and 1411 kbps (bit rate) stereo WAV files
  • If you have no idea what any of this means, the easiest thing to do is convert your existing audio through iTunes with this step-by-step guide
  • When you’ve uploaded the correct audio files to TuneCore you can also play them back to make sure everything is in the right order

A Few Extra Tips:

  • If your release is a cover song, don’t include the name of the original artist in the song title, just use the song title
  • TuneCore autocorrects album titles, song titles, and artist names, as stores often don’t accept ALL CAPS or creative capitalization. So DON’T DO THIS and DeFiNiTeLy DoN’t dO tHiS
  • Proofread your album titles and song titles before you submit your release because an edit could take a few weeks to be processed by a digital and download store
  • Be sure to have the legal names of all songwriters, names of performers and what they performed and lyrics on hand to enter during the upload process

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