#TuneCoreTips: How to market and promote your music online

In the first series of our #TuneCoreTips feature we covered how to get your music onto streaming services, and laid out a very straightforward roadmap for the release of your next song, EP or album using TuneCore.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at one of the questions I get asked most frequently – now that my music is on all the streaming services, how do I market and promote it? 

The answer is simpler than you might think, and using these guidelines below we’re going to turn you into a marketing pro so that the next time you have a release to promote, you’ll be able to confidently navigate these waters. 

Build your Digital Presence:

  • Have a DIY attitude because you’re going to be relying upon yourself for most of this work
  • Start a website, seriously it sounds silly because you’re probably all over social but it makes sense to have your digital assets available all in one place for someone to grab quickly if they’re Googling you

Build your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) which consists of:

  • Your Bio: You really don’t need to write a novel but here are a few tips of writing a kick-ass bio
  • Your Photo/s: A selection of 3 to 5 photos that don’t need to cost you thousands of rands, the latest phone cameras are more than capable of doing the job. 
  • Press Quotes: If you’ve been featured somewhere online or in print, include any positive quotes.
  • Links to Your Music: Make sure you include links to ALL platforms because you won’t know what service the person who’s listening to your music uses.  
  • Links to Your Social Media: This is a good way for people to get a feel for who you are and what your brand is, plus what you’re up to – members of the media want to be able to share links when covering music.
  • Any NB Info: Like if you’re dropping a new release/going on tour/having a launch event and what the dates are around that

Build your social media profiles:

  • By now you’re probably on at least one social platform and as you grow your audience you’ll find out what works best for you, but don’t close yourself off to any in the beginning
  • Find your voice by figuring out what kind of content sharing works for you, there’s no right or wrong way of doing this so experiment with everything in the beginning

Build an email list:

  • Okay so I understand that this might sound like an outdated idea, but a mailing list is actually a great way to instantly reach people, and also reward people who have been with you from the beginning
  • Use it to communicate info about a new release, a tour, a music video, or radio interview or TV appearance
  • Or use it to just check in and say howzit to your audience if there’s nothing really going on
  • Use it to give your dedicated audience sneak peaks of releases, behind-the-scenes info or any kind of exclusive info or deals that you won’t post anywhere else

How to pitch your music to blogs

  • Make your website & social press friendly and be sure to include your contact information with an email address, bio, streaming links, social links, high res press pics and the cover artwork of your release
  • Tell a good story, make sure the blogger gets a good feel of who you are, where you’re from and what influences your music
  • Make sure your press pics are in line with the type of music that you make, if you need inspiration take a look at your favourite artists
  • Make sure you target the correct blogs who feature artists at your level and genre and always triple check the contact info
  • Give the blogger a reason to cover you, maybe they covered an artist similar to you?
  • Avoid cliches and rather tell the blogger straight what sets you apart from everyone else
  • If they don’t reply, be sure to follow up your original email a week later with any new info that the blogger may want to include

How to pitch your music to Spotify

  • Make sure you upload your music 4 weeks before the release date
  • Claim your Spotify For Artist profile, this is where you can submit upcoming releases for playlisting
  • Research the playlists that you want to be featured on and make sure the genre, mood, and the styles of music they feature are inline with yours
  • Focus on building your Spotify profile, make sure that every representation of your music on the internet links to your Spotify page
  • If you don’t get playlisted don’t be discouraged, 

How to pitch your music to TikTok

  • When uploading songs, be sure to select the time clip you want to be featured when fans use your music in their videos
  • Then set up your artist profile on TikTok and make sure you link to your music on all platforms
  • Browse the “For You” and “Discovery” sections, and follow artists and creators that are in line with your brand and that you could see yourself sharing a stage with, it’s good to see what your competition is doing
  • Like any other social app, stay consistent, provide quality content, and find your voice

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