Vaughn Prangley’s debut EP, Where It Begins, is testament to his impressive capacity for modern songwriting

Vaughn Prangley may only be 16, but his music speaks with an understanding that’s worth many years more. After breaking onto the scene in the spring of 2020, his new EP Where It Begins is a solid continuation of the sound he’s been fostering so far, filled with refreshing indie ballads.

Opener “Oasis” is excellently chorus-heavy, with a catchy hook that’s testament to just how good his songwriting ability is, and the best part is that it shows no signs of tripping up either.

What follows is a Lumineers-inspired, teenage romance soundtrack, from the chorus chants on “Green Eyes” to the raspy, heartbreak vocals on “Breathing”, culminating in EP closer “Where It Begins”. It’s without a doubt the most sensitive track on the album, made up of the kind of guitar and voice that Ed Sheeran was probably writing when he was 16.

But what’s best about Where It Begins is the instrumental sound behind Prangley’s all but evanescent vocals, which comes down to the EP’s production. Recorded at The Hit Lab studios, Prangley’s guitars have this deep, warm tone to them alongside reigned back drums that gently carry each composition in the best of ways, and if these five tracks are anything to go by, this novice muso certainly has a blossoming career ahead of him.