ZEBRA’s spunky video for “Sorry Mom” is the only parental apology track you’ll need for your shenanigans

When it comes to ZEBRA, things are pretty straightforward. As they proudly attest, what you see is what you get, there’s no beating around the bush, no overzealous polishing up of tracks. They’re a mishmash conglomerate of Pretoria-hailing delinquents, here to apologize to mom about all the kak they’ve put her through with their general frivolities. The sort of thing you might just want to staple to your next Mother’s Day card, you know?

Comedic rock and indie-folk is their forte. Coming almost exactly a year after their side-splitter of a self-titled debut EP, “Sorry Mom” serves as a slice of DIY shenanigans to keep your ears attuned to what they’re offering. 

A rollicking indie-folk guitar line rockets the track forward at a break-neck pace. It’s a somewhat cluttered, undeniably wayward sort of sound. Nothing groundbreaking, but wholly entertaining. The accompanying video is equally droll. The boys, bedecked in zebra print, head off to the bar for a dag jol of note. 

They’re keeping things coming with a full length album titled – you guessed it – SORRY MOM dropping next week. So keep those ears flapping for more.