Clubs of Suns release a cosmic visual to accompany their new single “NOVA”

Clubs of Suns just released a new music video for their track “NOVA” – a galactic tackling of questions on our universe, virtual worlds, memories, and existence. Pretty hefty, I know, but with their interstellar sound and star-gaze melodies, “NOVA” seems to sound their deep thoughts pretty perfectly. 

Based in Joburg, the band stepped into studio with Hunter As A Horse’s Paul Gala to record the single, who transformed it from a minimal space-synth track into a retro, pitch-bending soundscape. It’s more electronic than stuff they’ve brought out previously, and lacks conventional structure, yet it’s these differences that help push Clubs of Suns into experimental territory.

The video, directed by Bryce Ninow, aims to convey the same galactic feeling as the track, using colourful LED lighting and smoke machines to bring cosmic atmosphere to the band’s in-studio live performance. It’s a little gimmicky, and tends to overuse pretty basic video editing techniques in a way that feels amateurish rather than intentional. Still the band’s passion really comes through, as they offer up a cataclysmic performance worthy of any adventure out into the unknown.