ORA debuts with a harrowingly left-field and eccentric video for “Sirens”

Meet ORA: Johannesburg experimental neo-soul musician, with both feet in the deep end of unconventional sound and scope. 

Entering on a decidedly left-field note, ORA paired up with veteran producer Sexxus (of Big Space) for her deeply exploratory debut video “Sirens”. It’s an eerie, unsettling and wholly unique offering, replete in atypical textures and warping synth. It’s the sort of sound which might make you squirm in your seat if it weren’t for the complete fascination it evokes at the same time. ORA’s dreamy vocals slide just below the surface, lending a singular grounded, consistent quality to the whole thing. 

The visual, directed by Phumlani Pikoli, superimposes arcane shots of Johannesburg, with watery overtones, kaleidoscopic compilations of varied imagery and shots of ORA herself, bedecked in patchwork fashion, a netted headpiece webbed over her face. 

It’s an ode to bravery and diving into the unknown. An abstract, almost dystopian offering, an unsettling meditation, and a captivatingly obscure debut which keeps on piquing the interest.