Tiago Correia’s debut EP, All Figured Out, is an unapologetic ode to classic soul and R&B

Tiago Correia’s debut EP All Figured Out is rooted all the way back in 2018, when he first began to realize what would eventually become his debut solo offering as a singer-songwriter and producer.

Three years on and the result is an R&B mash-up of groovy basslines, vocal frills and punchy lyrics. Taking great inspiration from the giants of soul – Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross – Correia certainly aims to recreate their luscious, vocally strong sound, and in many ways he does.

“Ascend” (feat. Solus) offers a tight hip-hop breakdown while “Steer” is softly powerful – a classic pop love song by any definition, sung with the fresh energy of a muso entirely new to the game.

However, much of the EP suffers from weak production. Correia’s voice slips glaringly out of tune one too many times, instruments clash, and the overall mastering of the tracks is not quite where it should be.

But Correia is certainly onto something – his knack for genre mixing is palpable, he just needs to find a way of channelling his sound in a more refined way.