#TuneCoreTips: Getting to know your friendly neighbourhood digital distribution service

We’ve done the legwork so we know that there’s not enough information out there to equip an independent musician, who’s just starting out, with the knowledge that they need to confidently execute the roll out of their own release.

This is why we’ve partnered with digital distribution service TuneCore to introduce #TuneCoreTips – our handy guide to everything you need to ensure the smooth release of your next song, EP or album. Also, if you sign up with TuneCore today and use our unique promo code TCSAEA20 when you checkout you’ll get a 20% discount on your first year with TuneCore.

So in the first feature we told you how to get your music onto streaming services, in the second feature we showed you how to market and promote your music online, and now we want to go back to the drawing board and explain why TuneCore is the best digital distribution service for you. 

What Is TuneCore?

  • TuneCore is the leading independent digital music distributor, distribution is the tool you need to get your songs on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube Music, TikTok, Tidal and all other stores
  • All you have to do as an indie artist is sign up for free, upload your song and cover art, and pay an up-front fee to send your songs to these stores and streaming platforms
  • With TuneCore you keep 100% of any revenue owed to you from downloads and streams, they don’t go through a middle-man to collect your revenue so you’re getting the highest rates available
  • Withdrawing your money is easy, they use a super secure platform called Payoneer and can link it to your bank account directly that you can learn more about here
  • They also have a local representation which I consider to be paramount, so if you have an emergency and you need to talk to someone, you’ll be directed to an actual human as opposed to an email address halfway around the world that will probably ghost you

How can TuneCore work for you?

  • When you send your music to Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music, TuneCore can help you claim your artist profile on those platforms
  • Once you’ve been claimed and verified, you’ll have the opportunity to personalize those pages with photos, bios, and other features
  • If you are not on “Spotify For Artists”, you will not get playlisted so it’s very important to use TuneCore to help you claim your artist profile here
  • TuneCore can also get your music on YouTube Music and they’ll help collect revenue if your song is used anywhere else on YouTube, same goes for Instagram and Facebook

Use our unique promo code TCSAEA20 when you checkout and get a 20% discount on your first year with TuneCore.