4am drop a moreish anthem for SA in their sweeping single and video for “We Are Coming Home”

It’s been a couple of years since 4am really hopped onto my radar, with the release of their 2019 EP, Nowhere Else – a rousing, pop-rock ode to South Africa in all her glory. They haven’t changed much since then, if their latest release is anything to go by.

“We Are Coming Home” is as quintessential as it is catchy. It ticks every box that a moreish, radio-bred indie-pop track should: keeps you wanting more, gets the hips moving – only it does so without ever stepping out of said box. That being said, within its chosen box, the track and accompanying visual shines.

A jangling guitar line leads from the front, while light percussive textures and warm vocals lend the African tweak. An anthemic chorus explodes with energy, replete in brass inflections which elevate it further. The video, which is a colour-soaked illustration of homeland landscapes (think the heaving Atlantic, dusty back roads, sweeping canyons, a forest waterfall) meeting vibrant shots of the band reeling out the track – there’s even an impressive power kick in there to keep the energy high. 

And what’s more, they’ve got a brand new album hitting the airwaves this Friday, and if this track is anything to go by, you’ll be out of your seats and onto the dance floor in no time.