BCUC’s set to close out a 3-day pop up festival at Sognage will forever be burned in my memory

Sognage, a relatively new venue in Strydompark, Johannesburg, hosted a three day pop-up festival called Mehlo Madala, which featured iconic acts like The Brother Moves On, Iphupho L’ka Biko and the Charles Gene Suite on the first two days. I couldn’t make those days, which is a pity because I heard it was epic – apparently the set by The Brother Moves On even included an impromptu collab with Moonchild Sanelley, so I am kicking myself.

However, what I did not miss was BCUC on the last day of the festival, and it has been one of the highlights of this year so far.

I have seen BCUC play many times before, and every performance is a revelation. I will forever regard them as one of the most important and most relevant bands in this country, who lyrically tackle issues that few would dare to. This time around they introduced us to their new set that they’ve been crafting during lockdown, with brand new songs and what seemed to be a brand new focus, and it was sublime.

Whilst standing in the crowd I was reminded of their slogan “music for the people, by the people, with the people”, and I can’t remember when last it was this apt or was this relevant.

After the show Jovi, their lead singer, told me that they are still in the process of polishing the new songs and that it could probably be better. I’m not sure if I can handle any more perfection, but I am happy to get my mind blown by them over and over again.