Elisha James’ debut EP Journey is everything you want from a pop album – and more

Pretoria-based singer and Voice SA Season 3 alum, Elisha James, has dropped an easy to listen to pop EP that stands as a rock solid introduction to singer.  

Expertly crafted from start to finish, the seven-track EP has all the trappings of a well rounded pop offering – from buoyant melodies that err on the side of catchy, to the lyrical sentimentality, smooth vocals and, of course, a ballad or two for good measure.

An earnest look back on a series of personal trials and tribulations that followed his time on the Voice SA, and one that touches on deeply personal themes of loneliness and self-worth, there’s a sincerity to Journey that sets it apart from other, similar pop albums and keeps it from straying into nice yet forgettable territory. For someone who dealt with ruptured vocal cords as recently as 2019, James navigates vocal elements with ease, his euphonious voice lending a compelling charisma to each track.

In true pop style, the release tries – and manages, with some success – to balance being upbeat and serious over the course of its seven songs, from the dynamic dance bop energy of “Take Me Back” and “Here For the Music” to the slow sentimentality and ballad-esque appeal of “Honey Honey” and “Someone”, that make this EP worth your time.

Feature image supplied by artist.