Far From Who We Are’s video for “Sleep In Shadows” is an excellently experienced macabre nightmare

Far From Who We Are’s second single, “Sleep In Shadows”, is taken fro their upcoming EP of the same name and drips with the same glorious self-indulgence that defined the hard-rock scene in the early 2000s, and the odd cheesy lyric aside, does well to capture the chaos that comes with insomnia.

Underneath the lyrics lies a composition with an immense and irresistible beat supporting a deceptively complex composition.

When it comes to the video I’ll admit to having been a bit sceptical at first but, after giving it a real chance, I can confirm it’s actually pretty solid – made that much more impressive by the fact that it was shot on an iPhone during lockdown. 

Part lyric-video, part nightmare, it ebbs and flows with the kind of intangible images you see when you’re so close to the glorious world of sleep but just can’t get there. The gut-wrenching randomness of said phenomenon is excellently captured and triggers a kind of macabre fascination that makes it difficult to look away.

It took me a minute to come around to the video for “Sleep In Shadows” but now that I have I can say I’m pretty impressed. Far From Who We Are went for a very specific experience and captured it perfectly, creating the perfect visual aid for the song.