Felix Laband remixes Yndian Mynah’s latest single “RAOK” to create a lush techo landscape

Felix Laband has teamed up with Cape Town indie-rockers Yndian Mynah to remix their most recent 2020 single “RAOK”, breathing new life into the otherwise slightly dusty-alt track.

Beginning with cinematic textures and futuristic soundscapes, Laband hints at the industrial electronics of bands like Joy Division and New Order before diving head first into a shimmering blend of techno rhythms and warm synths. 

It’s totally immersive, made for the sweat and heartbeat of a dance floor (that is, when we’re allowed back on them, of course), whilst simultaneously marking a new milestone for Yndian Mynah and their steadily blooming career. 

The original track spoke about random acts of kindness, commenting on the transformative power of these every day gestures, and while I struggle to hear that same compassion emulated in Laband’s version of the track, the genre-bending textures he achieves in only six minutes is pretty damn remarkable.