Oooth live in and for the moment in the video for their latest single “Sunshine”

Oooth’s video for their single “Sunshine” is a touching ode to moments of joy in a troubled world, and a reminder to savour every moment before it disappears.

The latest in a slew of singles taken from the band’s latest album Nothing’s Gonna Change and with Oooth’s trademark straightforward rock ‘n’ roll sound “Sunshine” manages to sound both joyous and nostalgic with one foot in the present moment and one already living in its memories.

Centred around two young children spending the day with each other the video is enough to make cynics gag and sentimental people go weak at the knees. The purity and innocence of our protagonists’ friendship is a breath of fresh air in a world of jaded adults as they live for nothing other than the time they get to spend together.

The video for “Sunshine” is reminder, firstly, of the uncomplicated innocence that we lost somewhere along the way to adulthood and, secondly and more importantly, that life happens in the moment and it’s better to live it completely than look back on it with regret.