Drift free on a dreamy R&B tether in Namakau Star’s latest LordKeyyZ collab, “Floating”

Take a trip down a hazy lane of synth and rhythm in Namakau Star’s latest single “Floating”. In fact, make a day of it and really indulge in this track – it’s worth it. Teaming up with LordKeyyz, the two have crafted a dreamy take on R&B: a swooning, soulful vibrant ode to freedom and going with the flow. 

After a recent return to the scene with her vibrant track “Trance”, Namakau Star takes a slightly altered stance on “Floating”. While it employs all the best bits of R&B – think languid synth lines and crooning vocalism – she also pulls her own style decidedly into the mix. The result is a dreamy ode to freedom and authenticity – something bred to imbue warmth and a general sense of liberation – which simultaneously claps back with a vibrant confidence which puts the rhythm-rooted oomph behind her sound. 

In fact, the track is almost a warning, misted up behind the dreamy haze of synth. The driving electro beat which kicks up some dust halfway through the track is testament to that: she’s got a whole lot of skill behind her soothing exterior. Namakau Star knows just what she’s doing and she damn well ready to make some waves.