Oooth go right back to basics in the video for their latest single “Fight the Feeling”

Oooth take a well-deserved step back to simplicity in the video for their latest single, “Fight the Feeling.”

The fifth single taken from the band’s latest, SAMA-nominated album, Nothing’s Gonna Change, rips and roars with the same frenetic energy the prolific rock outfit have built their brand around – balancing the nostalgia in the lyrics with carefree, balls-to-the-walls rock ‘n’ roll that harks back to the glorious days of youthful invincibility.

The video keeps things simple, which is not surprising considering how prolific Oooth have been, with rods of neon light bringing touches of colour to the band’s all-white outfits. Conceptually it’s not as ambitious as some of their previous videos but they make up for it with the amount of conviction and passion in their performances which is matched by some tastefully erratic camera-work and editing.

The video for “Fight the Feeling” isn’t as spectacular as some of Oooth’s previous work but the band’s passion as they rip through the song is well worth watching.