Armand Joubert and Yahto Kraft lend a second pair of wings to their hit single “Cry” with an orchestral rendition

It’s only been about three weeks since they dropped their debut collaborative effort, “Cry”, but Armand Joubert and Yahto Kraft are keeping that proverbial ball rolling with an orchestral version which hits the airwaves today. 

A match pretty much made in collaborative heaven, Joubert and Kraft are both local queer icons in their own right. You might recognize Kraft and his roaring power ballads from Season 3 of The Voice SA, or from his sumptuous music video for “Washed Away” which dropped late last year. Joubert’s done his rounds on The Voice SA too, but more recently has been powering out a whole lotta the good stuff, from his ’90’s R&B inspired EP Left With A Broken Heart, to his recent ode to Britney Spears, and feature on our #SpheresOfQueer feature. 

Now they’ve joined forces for something entirely different and the result is a driving, anthemic song for the broken-hearted. “Cry” is an ode to just that: all the tears shed on the bathroom floor after your heart’s been shattered – show me someone who can’t relate wholeheartedly and I’ll show you a liar. 

The orchestral version takes every scrap of emotion from the original and elevates it three-fold. A piano backbone meets dreamy, roaring vocals as the two singers trade the mic with ease. It’s sweeping, rousing, and cinematic in its pure emotion – and now we want a whole EP, thanks.