Calling Kaine cuts a path through retro rock and dreamy blues in his debut, Show Me Sanctuary

Take a trip through your underground vintage playlist and you might find something along the lines of Calling Kaine’s solo debut. This is the first time Kaine-Storme Bailey has struck out on his own, having previously picked up the guitar and songwriting pen for Jacob’s Saw, a band he formed alongside his father, Jamey Bailey.  

Show Me Sanctuary finds its own, only slightly unsteady, footing bridging the gaps between old-school rock ‘n’ roll, country, blues and a delicate dose of grunge. Penned from the dark and inspirational corners of quarantine, the album tracks a slightly disjointed, wholly immersive trajectory through said genre bases, on the back of some excellent bedroom production. 

Opener “Emma-Lee” opts for a jangling, country-esque twang, languid and lovelorn, while “Burning Tower” keeps things moving with the flamenco acoustics and a subdued, poetic narrative. Folky acoustics are rife in “Lorelai”, old school indie rock rules “Taking A Chance”, and then “Black Night Blues” is as delightfully melancholy as its name might suggest.

And while many of the tracks err on the basis of following a tried and tested method that’s a little too familiar and a little too repetitive, there’s no doubt this guy’s got a whole lot to share and I hope he keeps on doing so.