Cherry Vynil reimagine Coldplay’s hit in their latest single “Lights”

Cape Town-based four-piece outfit Cherry Vynil just released their latest single, an indie rock interpretation of Coldplay’s hit “Lights” along with a beautifully shot accompanying music video.

Barely recognisable from Coldplay’s version – with the exception of the lyrics, of course – Cherry Vynil’s “Lights” has that classic South African consumer-friendly indie rock sound that simultaneously makes the song more upbeat and enthusiastic, while happily losing the soulfulness of the original.

The song’s simple, guitar-led melody picks up pace in time for the chorus, evolving into an expansive, anthemic sound, complete with a heady drumline and glimmering chords. Horne navigates the lyrics with confidence, his clean yet decidedly angsty vocals take centre stage throughout the duration of the song.  

The music video tries to capture the uplifting energy of the song to some degree of success with the help of warm tones and exquisitely shot footage. Showcasing Cape Town’s natural beauty, the video follows the band members out and about in nature and in the city, alongside sun-soaked imagery of the four reeling out the track, donned in an array of glorious ’70’s suits. And that’s what we’re here for.