Far From Who We Are don’t hold back one bit in their latest EP, Sleep in Shadows

Far From Who We Are march down the well-trodden path of emo-rock to make their latest EP Sleep in Shadows as absorbing as it is powerful.

Beginning to end, the EP revels in the glorious indulgence of emo-rock. From the scream that kicks off the opening track “D.O.M (Death of Me) to the quietly tumultuous ending of the curtain-call “Polluted” Sleep in Shadows rollicks with reckless riffs and drum-beats heavy enough to shake your parents’ worlds.

To me it seems like it’s on tracks like “Sleep in Shadows” and the aforementioned “Polluted” that Far From Who We Are really come into their own. The former, a song about the chaos that comes with insomnia, moves between riff-driven angst and a liminal, dream-like landscape that drifts in and out at will while the latter’s melancholy is a much-welcomed break from the freneticism that precedes it.

Sleep in Shadows is an EP dripping with the conventions of a sound whose hey-day ended some time ago but the power and heart that Far From Who We Are have put into the album make it deliciously difficult to ignore.

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