Kiki X Chucky’s fibrillating hip hop debut, “The Price Went Up”, comes as a clap back to the haters

Nothing like some gritty hip hop to get your day started. Kiki x Chucky (aka Liam Micheal Jordhan Marsh – what a name, hey?) just dove into the airwaves with an accompanying video for his debut single “The Price Went Up” and it’s as rough around the edges as he is. 

When i say that, I mean the track is pivoted off a grating, thudding bass line beat, while the video tracks Kiki x Chucky and his homies in gangster attire, arriving home to a lush, carpeted manor after their latest heist. Guns are passed round, rolls of banknotes scatter the dining room table, a cigar smokes lazily in one hand. 

The track pulls through on almost all accounts. Hard-hitting, snap-back verses call out the peers who turned their backs on him on account of his musical career, while fibrillating, thudding textures fill in the gaps. The video, which was directed by Kiki x Chucky himself and his high-school sweetheart Tonika Dunn is just as gritty – erring only on the basis of a slightly crude undertone. 

But the track hits hard, and well. And that’s what matters.