The Kiffness announces wife’s pregnancy by remixing sonogram into “12 Week Old Fetus” jam

You didn’t think that The Kiffness (David Scott) was going to announce his wife’s pregnancy in any sort of straightforward way, did you?

“During a recent scan I thought our child’s heartbeat sounded like a techno tune, so naturally my wife and I took the opportunity to collab with our unborn child,” Scott excitedly told me when I called to congratulate him and his wife on the news.

“Props to my wife Jüte for being the biggest champion in her first trimester and for dealing with Covid on top of dealing with pregnancy. Thank you to the doctor for being kiff and for capturing our baby’s little techno heart!” he exclaimed.

It seems the news of being a first-time dad spurred Scott into action, telling me that he’s never been more productive and he’s been putting out content at a faster rate than he ever did. “It could just be sheer excitement that’s driving my productivity, or it’s sheer instinct kicking in and wanting to do as much as I can to provide for this little being when he/she enters this world. Maybe both!”