This is Tai Verdes: the TikTok-turned-viral star who’s here to lend a silver lining to every cloud

Another musician squeezing the juice out of the thriving platform that is TikTok and its organic reach, Tai Verdes won the platform’s lotto a year ago with a snippet of his now hit single “Stuck In The Middle”. It blew up the radar, everyone and their cousin could relate to his tale of romantic limbo, and before he knew it he was on 2 million streams and a record deal happily inked. 

It didn’t happen overnight though, and Tai Verdes is quick to remind his following of that. It took years of being dropped off talent shows before he applied to feature on an MTV dating show and actually won the thing. He used his winnings to move to LA and keep on hustling for his dreams. So yes, TikTok was the tipping point for overnight fame, but it was a long time in the making. 
Cut to 2021 and he’s dropped his debut album TV, which forms the first of a quadrilogy of albums set to roll out over the coming years, is set to open for Chelsea Cutler and Quinn XCII on tour, before heading out on his own with the Tai Verdes tour in November (which sold out in just a day). And it’s no surprise. Verdes channels an infectiously uplifting, happy-go-lucky sound which is as wholesome as it is soothing. People want to hear it.

He finds the silver lining in just about every cloud he sees fit to pen a song about, and his brand new music video for his chart-topping single “A-O-K” probably does it best. Sublimely simple acoustic guitar underpins a summery, soulful vocal line. Verdes waxes lyrical on pushing through the hard times to the good times – and his cutesy, Logan Meis directed music video does the trick too, as it follows Verdes as an invariably calm pilot of a crashing plane, belying the panic with an ungainly trust that everything’s going to be, yes, A-O-K. 

Let’s keep thinking that, shall we? And while we do that, take a gander into Verdes’ album to keep the spirits high. Apparently the next album is going to dive into his thus far unexplored ‘sadboi’ persona so we might as well make the most of it.