Time stands still in The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber’s collaborative single and video, “Stay”

He hasn’t even hit 18 and The Kid LAROI (aka Charlton Howard) just scored his second #1 hit single in his homeland of Australia, and this time it’s alongside Justin Bieber. Not bad for an Aussie kid who kicked off his music career just trying to support his family. 

Dropping ahead of his third and final chapter of F*CK LOVE (OVER YOU) – nothing says it like the cutthroat honesty of a heartbroken teen, does it? – “Stay” comes highly anticipated, and for good reason. It’s a snappy pop-hop anthem, as catchy as it is cool. A driving, energy-fuelled track bred to make you move and backed by appropriately lovelorn lyricism as they wax lyrical on the ex who should’ve just stayed. 

“I’d be fucked up if you can’t be right here […] you’re the reason I believe in love,” drawls LAROI and it’s a lot less kitschy when you hear it out loud. The track comes along with a Colin Tilley directed music video which tracks the guys through urban streets as time stands still. LAROI bends over backwards, Bieber shouts it from the rooftops. And you can’t help but back the dudes. 

A lyric video also dropped last week – a series of slow mo shots of kitchen counter still-lifes being blown up. Think a jug of lemonade splitting neatly in half, an old TV set exploding in a cloud of acrid smoke. That sort of thing. 
LAROI is well on his way to donning the crown of a household name, if this momentum has anything to say about. And you can pre-order F*CK LOVE (OVER YOU) in the meantime – it launched two weeks ago and has already raked in over 50k submissions. So, you know, it’s gotta be worth it.