Tyler Page targets the elite with her latest single and video “kill all the heroes”

Tyler Page’s latest single “kill all the heroes” is a protest against the power-hungry, reflecting an anxiety we’re all currently having to navigate in today’s money-driven world. 

The 19-year-old Cape Town based singer wants to make music for her generation, and this single undoubtedly has that carefree, though slightly troubled energy that so many young artists of today are banking on. Think Billie Eilish, Olivia, Lorde – they’ve all got this super contemporary approach to pop-music that’s currently taking the industry by storm, and Page seems to be on their wave-length. 

But she’s got her own sound too, and it’s carried by her powerful voice. With a unique range that falls somewhere between Dolores O’Riordan’s hypnotic vocals and Lorde’s menacing lower register, Tyler Page may only be 19, but she’s got an unlikely, moody tone far beyond her years.

The single also comes with a moody music video filmed by Tristan Coetzee, as he follows Page through the streets of a dystopian looking Cape Town by night, carefully reflecting the track’s uneasiness. 

Her first EP is set for release later this year, and with her debut single “Don’t Believe The Aliens” racking up considerable support, including a feature on FORTNITE Radio and Spotify’s RADAR Africa, “kill all the heroes” is no doubt set for similar success.