Benji Anstey delivers a homage to young love in the times of lockdown with his second single and video “Direction”

He might only be edging on 18, but Benji Anstey certainly knows how to spin a tune and he’s plucking at some heartstrings too. 

His second official release, “Direction” comes as a crooning, breezy ode to love bloomed in the heart of lockdown. A socially distant sort of love, founded over text messages and late night phone calls. You know the sort. 

It’s an indie-rock earworm, to put it simply. A meandering vocal line that’s as catchy as it is irrefutably well-trodden, drums that snap a little too hard, and a languid guitar line all set the stage for a narrative that reads like a teen-diary. Don’t get me wrong though, we love a good teen-diary, especially when it’s delivered in as pretty an audial package as this. 

There’s a video too: a DIY affair tracking Anstey in a lush garden, playing out the distant romance over an ancient Nokia phone he could only have pinched from his parent’s draw, or a Hospice shop. 

“That evening when you called me, we talked away the night,” he croons. Then loops in pitching falsettos and a middling extended guitar riff to add flavour – and where the track might err on the basis of tracking on a little too long, it makes up for with enduring appeal.