Olivia Rodrigo channels Y2K teen angst in her music video for “Brutal”

Parallel parking is hard and the world really is just brutal, but Olivia Rodrigo has come to ease our anxiety with her music video for “Brutal”.

Directed by Petra Collins, we’re transported to the start of a vintage video game where you “choose your player” as Rodrigo embodies these different characters throughout the video in Y2K-inspired styles.

The fashion seems to be inspired by Clueless with plaid mini’s, low-rise jeans, newsboy caps, graphic baby tees – and there’s a special appearance by the corseted mini that Britney Spears wore at the 2003 American Music Awards.

SOURCE: YouTube; Getty Images

The animated face masks worn by Rodrigo and other characters in the video were all created by fans as the pop star asked her followers to submit their creations for a chance to appear in the music video.

At a time when the world really does feel brutal out there, Rodrigo keeps it light with a pop-fuelled feast for the eyes and the ears.